2017 Annual Home Builder’s Association Homeshow

Everyone knows what a home show is about. You walk into a mall or conference center and see several booths, freebies and people wanting you to see what they have to offer for your building or remodeling projects. The Home Builders Association of Missouri (HBA) will host central Missouri’s local home show this month.

But why should YOU attend?

You get the freebies and samples of course, but you may find new ways to add your own personal style to your home. Taking the time to go to a home show is a real time saver. Everything for your home is all literally under one roof.

But there is a deeper reason to attend – your community. There are likely to be many talented people in your area with unique things to offer to your home. That is certainly true for our local HBA. They genuinely care about their customers and choose to go above and beyond to see them satisfied. Why? Well one, it’s their job, but more importantly, it’s their livelihood and their community as well.

Choosing to use your community’s businesses over the convenience of chain stores or internet shopping benefits everyone to keep your community thriving. You create personal relationships with goodhearted people who want to do a reputable job for you. The money you spend locally goes toward business to pay their employees, feed their families and build a life based on honesty and hard work.

And who knows? Maybe the relationships you make now will benefit you in different ways later on. You will meet people you may have never known and may find friends for life. And who wouldn’t want that?

So don’t forget! Brady’s Glass and Paint will be at our local HBA home show. Mark your calendars for February 24th and 25th for an afternoon of shopping, food and smiles!


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