Paul Rudder

General Manager

Let me know how we can help. All my guys are really good and we will find the right person to help you get your job done. And flowers out front always look great!

Cindy Rudder

Office Manager

We want to get you the very best value we can, and we start that right here in the office, with close attention to detail, doing things right the first time.

Lynette Honse

Assistant General Manager

I know finding the right product can sometimes be a challenge. Give me a call and I will assist you however I can.


Sarah Tucker

Receptionist and Customer Service

Let me know what you are looking for and I'll find the best options for you.

Jeanenne Wilds

Receptionist and Customer Service

All these crazy guys that work here! Trust me, you're going to need my help getting to the right person!

Daryl Miller

Retail Manager

I have been with Brady's since 1982. Retail service is my specialty, from custom paint matches, to glass and window film projects. I still haven't figured out how to say no.


Dwayne Hoerschgen

Customer Service

I'm only here part time but come in and let me know how we can help.

Shannon Schreimann

Paint Specialist and Customer Service

With 30 years painting experience, I'm your paint specialist. Let me know if I can help with any paint projects or custom color matches.

Kacy Wohletz

Customer Service

We are Jefferson City's best choice in custom glass projects and paint matching. Come in, see what's new and how we can help.


Gage Meister

Customer Service

Come in, see what's new and how we can help.

Dale Wilbers

Project Manager and Glazier

Most of our Commercial Glass projects start in the shop with fabrication. I work with most of the guys to help get our project started right and completed on time.

Dave Meyer

Project Manager and Glazier

Commercial Glazing jobs and Automatic Door installation are my specialties. Let me help with your next project.


Josh Alberts

Project Manager and Glazier

For your home, you want the very best, and we want to provide just that, including glass replacement of all types, shower doors and other custom glass products.

Nathaniel Johnson

Glazier Shop Foreman and Artist

In the shop, Lynette can't touch me. I specialize in Stain Glass work, custom shop orders and getting things done! Go CARDS!

Tom Lowe


My background is in construction and I will do my best to make your project turns out the way you would like to see it.


Kaleb Mormann


Whether I am working on your project in the shop or at your home, I want to make sure you are happy with the results.

Trenton Keller

Shop Glazier

Come in and let me know how I can help.

Randy Brown

Window Film Installer

I am your window film specialist installing film for heat control, excessive glare, and UV protection. Ask to see samples in the store for many different looks with film.